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Merchandising Services

Outsourcing customized superior merchandising services that are unparalleled, resulting in a rewarding experience for the customers. Our clients rely on our highly experienced and efficient team to successfully implement and maintain their displays to help them gain a competitive edge.

Our merchandising services enable our clients to achieve higher returns by ensuring that new and fresh products are available on shelves at all times, leading to optimized customer experiences.

Retail Merchandising Services

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Retail Planning & Execution

Opting for retail execution can be a defining point for any manufacturing business. It allows the true representation of the company's strategy in retail establishments while enabling brands to showcase their core values.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Shared Merchandising

A merchandising and promotional tactic that utilizes the visual expression of multiple products in ways that inspire and drives purchase decisions of consumers resulting in increased sales for brands.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Market Research & Auditing

Market research and audit is a methodical, unbiased examination of the marketing function within an organization to determine whether marketing systems are accurate, pertinent, dependable, and in line with established procedures and practices.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Planogram & Category Management

Presentation is the key driver to increase or boost customer attraction as well as sales. Planogram and Category management strategies allow customers to find products through planned and structured arrangements that suit both; comfort and convenience.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

New Store Implementation

Managing store presentation to more advanced strategies like product placement, schematics planogram, and customized shelf planning to match each customer's convenience.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Route Optimization

Route optimization helps customers get the fastest, accurate and most inexpensive order delivery by ensuring the driver's optimal route and efficient task stops along the way.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Perfect Store Implementation

The goal of store implementation is to employ strategies that attract and satisfies its customers. A perfect store implementation has all these key factors to present products at the right time, place, and location to influence purchasing behavior in the best possible way.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Sales Support

For the optimize shopping experience, sales support gets in handy. Sales support allows timely stock placement, uniform floor management and handling of client needs and demands by keeping each work activity running smoothly.

Why RMS?

We possess expertise in the following areas:

Perfect Store compliance
Right Execution Daily
Share of visibility expert
Quality Merchandisers

Our Approach

We have a responsibility to help drive the strategic thought process for effective on-ground planning and ensure good collaboration for seamless execution.

Our back-end support team comprises industry experts possessing relevant knowledge to ensure mutual growth and success.

To understand our client's needs, we encourage our clients to involve us in the planning phase to chalk out a thorough plan. We like to give inputs during the planning phase of the requirement to propose more flexible solutions and to ensure maximum results.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Our Expertise

We are a one-stop solution for all the documentary needs of our clients. More than 15 years of experience acting in the market has equipped us with vast knowledge of all the regulatory requirements to ensure successful execution. We handle all types of permissions and documentation:

Government Legalities Requirement: Selecting the right person for the right job
Documentations and Paper Work
Regular Training Programs
Mobility for Merchandisers
Reporting and Supervision
Planning and Coordination
Logistical Support

Hiring The Right People

RMS has mastered hiring the right people for the right job. Successful businesses prevail by hiring the right fit. We look for candidates for their talent, decision-making skills, time management, and interpersonal skills. Assessing these competencies enables us to recruit high-performing and long-tenured merchandisers.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company
Rhapsody Merchandising Company

Perfect Store

A perfect store is one in which consumers can find the right product in the right place at the right time. It is also essential to place the product in the best possible way to influence buying behavior. RMS merchandisers regularly visit stores to make sure all our client's products are available and accurately placed in the right location.

Field Management

Our field team and managers are experts and well-experienced in field management. Having such people on our team helps our merchandisers to learn from the best. Our field managers are continuously involved in store-level inspections to give the merchandisers feedback.

Rhapsody Merchandising Company